• OTZRO AUTOBAG 2020-200

    SKU: 0011


    NO : OAB-WB-2020-200


    OTZRO AUTOBAG is a smart backpack. Have you ever seen a bag that adjusts the bag strings after recognizing the weight and pressure in a mobile application?


      This product is for students whose bodies are growing. It is a smart bag that can control and adjust the bag strings through ICT mobile application. It comes in 3 types, Standard, Premium and High-End.

      The user can control and adjust the bag strings by himself in the application or it could be done automatically. Automatic control is especially used when running, walking and standing. The application analyses the users motion and posture data and adjusts the bag strings according to their posture.

      There is a sensor in the bag that analyses your posture with its own algorism while the bag is in contact with your back. Especially, it recommends comfortable postures in various situations and provides information.  

      1. Pressure sense 2. Function of auto action 3. Function of manual control 4. Function of mobile control 5. Sending notifications to guardians 6. Checking of correct posture

      The bag is one of a kind and the company holds a patent to it. OTTHYANG is working with other companies and is open to further cooperations.



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